What is greatness?

Greatness I think, has a different meaning for every individual , whether its you becoming a millionaire becoming famous or successful or something as simple as having a loving happy family. Everyone has a different idea of what is greatness. Greatness in my eyes is having an understanding within yourself and being aware and conscious of who you are and what is your calling. I think if you ever reach the point in your life when you can say I understand. Understanding in the sense of I understand that this is why im here and this is what im supposed to do I think that is when you reach your greatness and at that point no one can touch you.I think many of us may have reached that greatness but we expect more. I don’t think we are all put here to be great world leaders or philosophers or activists I think many of us are put here for simple things in life and some for reasons of biblical proportions. I personally believe that I was put here to help others open their minds and learn that we all are equally important and we all have a right to have our own beliefs and morals and our very life is a miracle. what do you think will be your point of reaching that Greatness have you reached it?


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