Spread the good…..

Although I’m not a perfect human, and far from it at that, I think I am a good person in many ways. I have a strong belief that whatever you put in this earth is what you get out and that by doing good to others, you are doing good to yourself. I believe that we are all put here for a reason, no matter how big or how small. I think I was put here to spread the good and that is something that I attempt to do. I really think giving someone a smile, a compliment or some simple gesture like holding a door for someone can make someones day. I know about 6 people in my school who suffer from depression and it’s really sad how someone can feel so worthless. Because of this, I always do my best to keep them and others happy. So people, go out there and give a simple smile to a stranger or hold that door for the person behind you and always give a helping hand. Go out and spread the good!


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