Learning the ropes

So, because this is my first blog ever, I don’t really know what to do to start one but I do know why I made this on. Hopefully, someone out there will care enough to read it. So how do I start? Well I’m a young 15-year-old guy at the moment. I aspire to become a famous actor some day. I’m also bisexual and feel as if I will never really live my life to the fullest if I don’t accept myself. I’m finishing up my first tear of high school and, well, there wasn’t anything wrong with it but I guess I’m just tired of living this way. This is why I aspire to grow to true greatness. I’m not a bad kid and I’ve never done drugs. Also, the only alcohol I’ve ever had was champagne. This summer I plan on having an intervention. Of course, coming out seems almost impossible in my mind but who knows? That’s not all though. I want to get this acting thing started. For along as I can remember, acting has been an art form that I really appreciate. I don’t think anyone really takes me seriously when I tell them I want to be an actor. I also really truly want to learn who I am and accept me for me. So yeah, I’ll continue to write more, maybe every day, about something that inspires me hope you enjoy feel free to comment


2 thoughts on “Learning the ropes

  1. Heeey, we’re pretty close in age! Haha, I’m 17 (:
    It’s your first year in high school, eh? How do ya find it? I’m completing my 3rd year and can’t wait to finish my 4th! I wanna go to university noowww!
    Trust me, as your years go on you’ll find your personality transforming. I used to hate smoking, but now I’m a heavy smoker. Stick to your values and morals and don’t let anyone persuade you, but you can persuade others!
    Keep blogging, mannn (: this definately seems like a blog that I’d love to read!

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