What is greatness?

Greatness I think, has a different meaning for every individual , whether its you becoming a millionaire becoming famous or successful or something as simple as having a loving happy family. Everyone has a different idea of what is greatness. Greatness in my eyes is having an understanding within yourself and being aware and conscious of who you are and what is your calling. I think if you ever reach the point in your life when you can say I understand. Understanding in the sense of I understand that this is why im here and this is what im supposed to do I think that is when you reach your greatness and at that point no one can touch you.I think many of us may have reached that greatness but we expect more. I don’t think we are all put here to be great world leaders or philosophers or activists I think many of us are put here for simple things in life and some for reasons of biblical proportions. I personally believe that I was put here to help others open their minds and learn that we all are equally important and we all have a right to have our own beliefs and morals and our very life is a miracle. what do you think will be your point of reaching that Greatness have you reached it?


“Living to exist is the worst fate one can bestow upon themselves”

Now this quote  in a sense is the meaning of life in my eyes. I completely agree that if you are living to live then you aren’t living at all. This ties in to my belief that we are all here for a reason no matter how small or how big and we are no accident. I worry that many people forget this and they just live to live. I think many of us don’t really feel important anymore. I wish people just really looked within themselves and searched for the answers of who they really are and what are they here for. I hope this quote inspires someone to search for their calling and reach the true Greatness


You know I’ve moved a couple of times in my life and I can always say that leaving behind what you had is the hardest thing to do but knowing that you have a whole new beginning ahead of you is super exiting and nerve wrecking. Well im moving next week and although I was in this town for a short period of time and I came here thinking wow im going to hate this . I really learned to love the people here I wish I wasnt so pre judgmental I would have had it a lot better this year and became a lot closer to them. Now summer is here and it is time for an intervention this upcoming semester I need to go in with an open mind. I need to really truly start my life this year in every aspect. I need to learn that wanting something isnt going to do anything in my life if I don’t act upon my desires. I have a long way to go to reach Greatness.

Spread the good…..

Although I’m not a perfect human, and far from it at that, I think I am a good person in many ways. I have a strong belief that whatever you put in this earth is what you get out and that by doing good to others, you are doing good to yourself. I believe that we are all put here for a reason, no matter how big or how small. I think I was put here to spread the good and that is something that I attempt to do. I really think giving someone a smile, a compliment or some simple gesture like holding a door for someone can make someones day. I know about 6 people in my school who suffer from depression and it’s really sad how someone can feel so worthless. Because of this, I always do my best to keep them and others happy. So people, go out there and give a simple smile to a stranger or hold that door for the person behind you and always give a helping hand. Go out and spread the good!

Every day is a lesson

I believe there is something to learn from every experience in our lives. Every morning when you wake up, and go about your routine there is something you should learn and take with you that day. Something I do everyday is figure out what I was supposed to learn. Today I learned that anger is the result of pain. A recurring theme that I see in my generation is the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Well, believe it or not, I don’t care how good a school is. it has been proven that kids my age see substance abuse as the norm. I don’t understand why kids come to school under the influence of drugs or carrying them around in their book bags. I do think that if I understood what their life was like behind closed doors, I would understand why they do this. I think kids do this as way to forget, to forget that their father or mother is an alcoholic or an addict or abused and constantly criticized by their parents. There is a guy in one of my classes and he’s constantly being bullied by others. I also notice that every time someone bullies him, he bullies a boy smaller than he is. I also learned his mother is an alcoholic and he recently began smoking weed with his new group of “friends”. I never understood why people do this. I just find it hard to believe that if you know how something makes you feel and you don’t like it, why would you do it to someone else? I think all the kids who do this are really hurting themselves more and they’re not really angry, but are more hurt than anything else.

Learning the ropes

So, because this is my first blog ever, I don’t really know what to do to start one but I do know why I made this on. Hopefully, someone out there will care enough to read it. So how do I start? Well I’m a young 15-year-old guy at the moment. I aspire to become a famous actor some day. I’m also bisexual and feel as if I will never really live my life to the fullest if I don’t accept myself. I’m finishing up my first tear of high school and, well, there wasn’t anything wrong with it but I guess I’m just tired of living this way. This is why I aspire to grow to true greatness. I’m not a bad kid and I’ve never done drugs. Also, the only alcohol I’ve ever had was champagne. This summer I plan on having an intervention. Of course, coming out seems almost impossible in my mind but who knows? That’s not all though. I want to get this acting thing started. For along as I can remember, acting has been an art form that I really appreciate. I don’t think anyone really takes me seriously when I tell them I want to be an actor. I also really truly want to learn who I am and accept me for me. So yeah, I’ll continue to write more, maybe every day, about something that inspires me hope you enjoy feel free to comment